Beavertail Lighthouse Activation

Five NCRC members, Paul N1PSX, Steve KC1AQQ, Scott WX1X, Mike AA1XQ, and Dave KC1GPA, activated Beavertail Lighthouse yesterday during the International Lighthouse and Lightship Weekend.  Operating as W1SYE, they made approximately 80 contacts on 20 meters from about noon until 3 PM.  Band conditions were beyond horrible yesterday, with long duration deep fades.

Station setup in tent just in back of the lighthouse. Paul N1PSX just visible on left

Rather than use the 63 foot base loaded vertical, the team erected a dipole using greenstick, a better choice for 20 meters

Thanks to Scott WX1X for the photos.

Passing of Steve Hodell, KA1RCI

The following was received from our Paul N1PSX, our Section Emergency Coordinator:

It is with a sad heart I bring you all news that after a long hard fight,
Steve Hodell KA1RCI has passed. He entered hospice about a week ago, and
passed yesterday evening [ed: Aug 19, 2017]. I will be calling a special net on his network tonight at 8pm for a last call, no round of condolences, just a last call to honor a ham who contributed more than most to the RI amateur radio community.

If you can check in, please do.

If you can get the word out to others that would be great.

Steve will be missed, and of course this will raise the issue to a priority
as to what the RI community can do to keep the repeater network operating,
but that is a question for another day.


Paul Silverzweig

Steve Hodell, KA1RCI, SK

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