Field Day 2017 is in the Log!

We were amazingly fortunate this year; first to have such a wonderful set of volunteers, especially those that worked tirelessly (seems an odd thing to say for exhausting work) getting the material to and from the park, raising and lowering all the antennas, and setting up and removing all the gear).  Second, we were VERY lucky with the weather.  Quite a storm blew-by on Saturday morning, and everyone was forced to seek shelter indoors.  By 11 AM the skies were blue again, and the weather couldn’t have been better for the contest itself.

Special thanks go out to Willy W1LY and his wonderful team who made all this possible by putting everything together.  Thousands of pounds of stuff moved too and fro with most of it lifted high into the air.  Ed W1NQH, Fay, and Brian N1TBT worked tirelessly feeding the hungry hoards Saturday and Sunday, and put together a wonderful family dinner for the largest crowd I can recall.  Of course John WA1ABI managed to lead all of us through another safe and enjoyable event.  Congratulations to the team leaders who did such a fine job:  Paul N1PSX, Chuck N1CKT, Bob WB4SON, Dave KC3GPA, and Bruce NJ3K.

We were also lucky to have Dave, KC1AAA, with us documenting Field Day from start to finish.  His photos are wonderful along with his story.  If you would like to see a copy of his slideshow, you can click here!

Blue skies await the 14:00 start on Saturday (Photo: Dave KC1AAA)

NCRC Meeting Monday June 12, 7 PM at KVH


Please remember that Monday June 12 is our regular meeting at 7 PM, at KVH.

In addition to a brief business meeting, we will be discussing the final Field Day preparations.  If you haven’t signed up for Saturday’s dinner yet, or even if you know you aren’t going, we would appreciate you taking a few seconds to fill out the form on this webpage linked below.  Calling 100 members is quite a task, and those that fill in the form really help us out!  If you aren’t going type a zero 0 in the number attending field.

Field Day 2017 – Please Sign Up for Dinner Sat June 24

After the business meeting, there will be the first of a number of reviews of logging software.  Monday’s meeting will cover N3FJP’s Amateur Contact Log, which also happens to be the software we will be using at the GOTA station for Field Day.