Congratulations BHHS/SMBVA on Successful ARISS Contact

With usual precision, Mike K1NPT, guided Bishop Hendrickson High School and Saint Mary’s Bay View Academy students through a successful contact with Italian Astronaut Paolo Nespoli, using the radio station of Claudio IK1SLD in Italy via Telebridge.

Approximately 400 students at BHHS and another 500 at BVA saw the event live.  Other joined in via a live stream to see history in the making.

Molly asks a question during the BHHS/BVA ARISS Event. Event Manager Mike K1NPT to her rightLocal station WLNE-6 news had nice coverage of the program here

YouTube video of Q&A Period here

BHHS ARISS Contact Thursday Nov 30 at noon.

Italian astronaut Paolo Nespoli, IZ0JPA — currently aboard the International Space Station — is scheduled to talk to 16 lucky students from Bishop Hendricken High School and St. Mary Academy – Bay View this Thursday Nov 30th at noon.

Paolo Nespoli

RI students and the general public are invited to watch the livestream of the event starting at 1140AM via

Claudio, IK1SLD,  will be operating the ground station and linking to Bishop Hendricken via telebridge.  The student questions are expected to begin around 12:04PM.

Bishop Hendricken is expected to become RI’s first high school to have such a contact. 

This opportunity comes from the volunteers at Rhode Island STEAM Academy who view early and regular exposure to STEAM problem-solving as critical to the growth of Rhode Island’s economy.


Celebrate 20 years of ARISS by receiving SSTV images from the ISS

Beginning around 21:25 UTC on Thursday July 20, the ISS will be broadcasting SSTV images (using SSTV Mode PD 120 or PD 180) to commemorate the 20th anniversary of ARISS.  SSTV images will be sent at 145.80 MHz FM using the highest power radio and best antenna in the ISS.  Signals are so strong that typical external antennas will have no issue producing S9 signal levels.  The event is expected to continue over a 2 day period.

If you have a soundcard interface of some kind for your FM radio, you can use a free software program called MMSSTV, which can be downloaded here:

A lot of good information on using MMSSTV with the ISS SSTV signals can be found on the ISS Fan Club page here:

Another reference can be found here:

The next several days of ISS passes over our area are shown below (times in UTC, so subtract 4 hours for local time — the first pass over our area after the event start is Friday July 21 at 02:56 UTC, which is actually 10:56 PM on Thursday July 20):

Antenna Take-down Day at All Saints

Paul, N1PSX, Jim, KA1ZOU, Jeff, KA1NGP, Bob, WB4SON, and Mike, K1NPT went to All Saints Academy Saturday to remove the antenna array used for the May 6 ARISS event.  Arriving at 9 AM, it took less than an hour to disassemble the antenna on the roof. The Middletown Fire Department arrived at 10 AM and used their Tower Ladder to lift the antenna parts down to the ground.  By 10:25 AM, the job was done, and the ARISS event is just a fond memory!

FD Tower Ladder 2

ARISS Event A Complete Success!

The ARISS event, despite a few funny gotyas up front, went off as planned.  A preprogram of comments and background began at 11:45, and at 12:43 the first call went out to NA1SS, the International Space Station.  With Hollywood-like suspense, Paula, an ASA student-ham, called SEVEN times before the sound of Jeff Williams’s voice filled the auditorium to thunderous applause (ed: my personal take on the “suspense” was I hoped someone would perform CPR to restart my heart waiting 1min50sec before hearing our astronaut).

Jeff Williams was a real pro, both very personable talking to the kids, and moving things along at a quick pace.  As a consequence, all 24 questions were asked and answered. As Paula sent her 73’s, Jeff faded into the noise.

All three local stations ABC6, NBC10, and CBS12 had news coverage during their early 5-6PM shows.  They probably will have additional coverage at 11 PM.  In addition the live streaming is still up and will be for a few days.  I’ve been told that you need to move to the 3 hours 28 minutes 40 second mark before the actual event begins (the earlier hours were streaming a stationary antenna and some background noise – good thing internet isn’t billed by the minute).  The questions begin at 4h 13m 50s

Many thanks to all the NCRC members that helped:  Chuck, N1CKT, Paul, N1PSX, Willy, W1LY, Paul K1YBE, Jim, KA1ZOU, Mike, KA1IOO, Brian, KC1EQB, Charles, K1ECU, Rob, KB1ZZU, Jeff, KA1NGP, Bob, WB4SON, and of course Mike Cullen, K1NPT, who put the entire event together.

NDN_20160507 copy

Be sure to pick up a copy of The Newport Daily News which has a story on the front page!

Link to the online story: