Scratch that itch to learn about programming!

This month’s Modulator features a story written by Jim KA1ZOU about Mike (K1NPT) & Beth Cullen’s ongoing STEAM (Science Technology Engineering, Arts and Math) education initiatives here in RI.  Both Jim and Mike are actively engaged in teaching activities that involve a programming “language” called SCRATCH that is designed to hide some of the pesky details usually required to learn to program, while providing a fun learning environment targeted at kids.

As the Modulator article (you can find it here) points out, not only can the program be designed on the easy-to-use PC screen, it can also live and run on an inexpensive “micro:bit” board.

Check out the Modulator article for more details!

Maker Faire Fall River October 1st

NCRC will be participating in a Maker Faire at the YMCA in Fall River on Sunday October 1st from 10 AM to 4 PM.  Our booth is entitled “Making Amateur Radio Real” and will include a Pixie to Pixie wireless demo as well as a full HF station.  In addition, it is anticipated that we will be helping with soldering demos at other locations.

While the literature might say “mini” these events are HUGE.  The last one drew about 4000 people and there is great interest in Amateur Radio as it speaks to many “Maker” themes (electronics, home brew, wireless, etc.).

If you can help, please contact Paul K1YBE who is organizing the event

More details can be found here:

Technician Class: October 5, 5:30 PM, St Lucy’s Church Middletown RI

Newport County Radio Club ( is sponsoring an Amateur Radio Technician Class at St Lucy’s Church in Middletown RI starting October 5th. Discover the fun of being able to communicate with fellow Amateur Radio Operators (Hams) in your local community or worldwide without depending on fragile infrastructure like cell phones or internet. Add Amateur Radio capabilities to enhance other hobbies like hiking or boating, and be able to communicate in times of emergency.

For more details and to register, please click here

Members meet RUKU

Paul, K1YBE, gave a presentation at last night’s meeting on a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) program he developed in conjunction with UMass Dartmouth, to encourage young women to consider engineering degrees.

The ultimate goal is to capture the imagination of young people and encourage their future education choices, while illustrating some basic principals like teamwork, design trade offs, and continuous improvement.  All those “boring” things were wrapped up in a project that was interesting and challenging — building a robot that can solve a Rubik’s Cube puzzle.

Paul’s slideshow can be found by clicking here.

Great Results from Foster Tech Class

NCRC’s Technician Class in Foster, RI completed last night.

We had 18 who took the exam. 15 passed with 7 exams having no wrong answers.  The remaining students only missed a few.

One of our students had nothing wrong on all three exams so he is now an extra. Three others including Chief Marsland got their General.

Overall an excellent outcome:  11 Tech, 3 Gen, 1 Extra

Our thanks to Chief Marsland from the Foster Fire Department for sponsoring the class and allowing us to teach there.  Also thanks to the members of the Blackstone Valley Amateur Radio Club BVARC who helped with the VE exam.