Congratulations NCRC Officers for 2018

The following slate of officers were voted in by the membership for the 2018 year.  Congratulations!

  • President: Paul K1YBE
  • Vice President : Jim KA1ZOU
  • Treasurer: Ted W1GRI
  • Secretary: Bob WB4SON
  • Executive Committee Member: Willy W1LY
  • Executive Committee Member: Paul KC1HEP
  • Executive Committee Member: John WA1ABI

NCRC Needs More VEs

NCRC is lucky enough to have a number of dedicated Volunteer Examiners (VEs), but we could use more.  This is especially true since our latest Technician Class has 35 students!  The exam date is six weeks away on November 16th.

Becoming a VE is easy and free, but it can take a month or more to obtain your credentials.

If you are a General or Extra class ham, and you’d like to help out, please go to the following link on the ARRL website for more information: