Dry Run Fox Hunt: Beavertail Thu Aug 13 at 1900L

During the Fox Hunt presentation given by Jim, KA1ZOU, tonight, a poll of the members was given, and it seemed that having Fox Hunts on Thursday after work, or Sunday morning were the most popular choices.

With this in mind, we will be holding a practice Fox Hunt THIS THURSDAY, August 13, at 1900 (7 PM).  Our rally point will be parking lot #4, which is the first parking lot you come to after passing in front of the lighthouse (the lot faces Newport).

Our objective is to allow people to try different antennas (loop, beam) and try their hand at finding a couple of hidden foxes.

We will have a few antennas available to try (beams and loops) and a few HTs to borrow.

We also made up eight short RG58 cables to hook up HTs to homebrew antennas with alligator clips.  I you would like one, please let Jim know, and the cost is $5 to the club.

Finally, you can find information about Fox Hunting (gear, procedures, etc.)  HERE