WARNING: No handheld radio use as of June 1st !!!!

RI Hams are warned that effective June 1, 2018, you may no longer use any handheld devices while driving your car.  That includes your 2-meter microphone, or handheld radio.

Sadly, the marketplace has not caught up with the need for hands free radio operation. There are some very expensive commercial Bluetooth interfaces available for a few radios.  Some newer ham gear includes Bluetooth interface options.  Those of you with BaoFeng type connectors can find a Bluetooth interface via eBay.  But often the Bluetooth interface does not deal with PTT — you aren’t supposed to be holding a pushbutton in your hand either.

A reminder that some radios do have VOX operation.  The BaoFeng includes a headset with lapel mic and can be configured for VOX operation.  Just watch those comments when drivers cut you off — don’t want that on air!