NCECT (EmComm)

Newport County Emergency Communication Team

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The mission of the Newport County Emergency Communication Team (NCECT) is to maintain a corps of trained, credentialed, and disciplined Amateur Radio Operators who are ready, able, and willing to serve their community as Emergency Communications Technicians.

In addition to the communication skills possessed by all Amateur Radio Operators, members of the Newport County Emergency Communication Team have completed FEMA training in the National Incident Management System and the Incident Command System.  They have been trained in the operation of RISCON radios, the requirements for American Red Cross shelter communication, and have been certified as Tactical Communication Unit Leaders for the Medical Emergency Distribution System.

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Details on the April 8, 2015 Class can be found here:  ECT Class

ICS-205 Communication Plan

ICS-205A Communication List

ICS-211 Personnel Check-In List

ICS-213 General Message Forms

ICS-214 Activity Log

ICS-217A Communications Resource Worksheet

ICS-309 Communication Log (consider just using ICS-214)

Red Cross Forms


EMA Websites for Communities in Newport County

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