JOTA 2013

56th Annual JOTA October 19/20 2013


CONTACT Times/Frequencies for W1SYE JotA October 19 & 20

Formal times for operation are Saturday from 8:30 AM until 6:00 PM, and
Sunday from 8:30 AM until Noon.

VHF:  We will use the N1JBC Network to place our CQ Jamboree Calls.  You can use any machine that is part of the N1JBC network to respond (see  We will also use the W1SYE repeater on 145.45/minus/100 Hz.

After making initial contact, stations might be asked to QSY (so as not to tie up the repeater) to 146.55 simplex OR W1SYE.  If that isn’t possible then we will stay on N1JBC if needed.

HF:  The HF station will be SSB only, and given the times of day will be on the air, we will most likely be on 20/17/15 meters.  We will try to stay within the recommended frequencies, but might move above or below that due to QRM or use by other JotA stations:

40 Meters:  7.180-7.200 or 7.270-7.290
20 Meters:  14.270-14.290 or 14.320-14.340
17 Meters:  18.140-18.150
15 Meters:  21.360-21.400
12 Meters:  24.960-24.980
10 Meters:  28.350-28.400

Each scout must complete 10 minutes worth of QSOs.  This might be one, or could be several stations.  Beyond the usual QSO elements (name, location, etc.), if you are at a loss for things to talk about, try this list of potential ice-breaking questions.

The scouts are given this operation guide

And this is the schedule of events for the W1SYE JotA


JOTA is the Boy Scout’s “Jamboree-on-the-Air”.  This is a HUGE scouting event, which involved over 700,000 participants last year with 13,500 stations on the air.  It can be combined with a camp-over (a “Camporee”), or could be run out of a volunteer’s home.

The objective is to expose Cub and Boy Scouts to Amateur Radio by allowing them to make contacts on-the-air (under the watchful eye of control operators).  It just takes a moment to understand that these boys and young men are the life-blood for sustaining our hobby.

NCRC has obtained a permit for Glen Park (our Field Day location), and we are expecting approximately 30 scouts to attend.  A large percentage of them will be working toward their Radio Merit Badge.  We currently have three Merit Badge Instructors, but more would be helpful.  Many of the scouts will be camping over as well.  As always volunteers are needed to help host the event.

We will have a station on HF from 8:30 until 6 PM on Saturday and 8:30 until Noon on Sunday.  We will also have a VHF station on the air as well.

If you can operate from your home station, you can help the scouts meet their 10 minute QSO requirement by listening for W1SYE on the air.  Please sign up at the following link.

Here is the current plan for the club’s JOTA activity from Rob White:  NCRC JOTA 201309

The Boyscout’s information on JOTA 2013 can be found here

A guideline for JOTA planning calendar can be found here

The ARRL’s information on JOTA 2013 can be found here

Official Scouting resources for Radio Merit Badge can be found here

The latest Radio Merit Badge Student Workbook is here

Non-BSA training material for the Radio Merit Badge is here