Newport County Radio Club at Field Day circa 1960

Newport County Radio Club at Field Day circa 1960

The Newport County Radio Club was started in 1945.

NCRC Charter

The Club was Chartered by the ARRL in July of 1949.

A history of the club from 1955 to 1983 was prepared by Ivan Coggeshall, WA1AVL.  This history, a photocopy of a photocopy of a photocopy (you get the idea) was recently retyped to restore it to pristine condition.   A copy of the history can be found here

A Copy of “The Modulator” (NCRC’s publication) from June 1998

Some 1960/1970/1980 NCRC QSL Cards can be seen here

History of NCRC OFFICERS 1990 to present:  CLICK HERE

NCRC Roster of 68 Members from July 1952 (Source July 14 1952 Ledger book Treasurer Harry Ridenour)

Allan, Fred Cordero, Joseph Jule, Rex Ridenour, Harry
Andrews, Harry Dayton, Russell Kelly, William Schwardt, Donald
Anthony, Warren Donnelly, John Koschney, Helen Schwardt, Pauline
Barret, Allyn Ephrom, Glenn Langley, Ben Selby, Arnold
Burdick, Rev. Arene Evans, Fred Larmee, Donald Sturtevant, Edward
Bishop, Edward Feinberg, Gerald Levy, Ted Tolderlund, Stan
Bliven, Alvin Feit, Harry Lindh, Carl Tripp, Winnard
Barker, Ben Fermano, Joseph Mahan, Ludlow Williams, George
Basset, John Gilleran, Warren Migliori, Guy
Basset, John Hagensen, Robert Miller, Robert N.
Burton, Lt. George Hambly, Dwight Modavis, Edward
Campbell, Duke Harvey, Elizabeth McGlashan, Alex
Cavallini, Leo Hass, Eugene Nicolau, Hector
Chase, Evelyn Haughton, Anson Olaynack, Archie
Chase, Willard Hoyle, John Pagano, Peter
Chrysler, Herbert Irish, Frank Penkethman, Robert
Clay, William Johnston, Richard Porter, John
Clegg, Bruce Jones, Charles Prasso, Louis
Connerty, Harold Joyce, Robert Randall, Herrall
Cook, George Jule, Charles Recupero, Philip
Miantonomi Tower - Field Day location for NCRC, 1960

Miantonomi Tower – Field Day location for NCRC, 1960

W1AM Circa 1970s

Art Westneat W1AM, a NCRC Member Circa 1970

Field Day 1991 (Glen Park) – from left to right: Jack N1HYA, Joe WA1CSO, Skip KA1WGB

Members with information on the missing decade from 1945 to 1955 are encouraged to come forward as well as anyone with information on the last 30 years.

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