ILLW 2013

NCRC operated from Beavertail Lighthouse (ILLW # US0156) during the International Lighthouse and Lightship weekend on August 17 and 18, 2013.  During this special event, also an Islands on the Air (IOTA # NA-031) activation, operators contacted almost 350 stations throughout the world, several from other lighthouses.  Beavertail State Park, a popular summer destination, brought crowds by to visit the museum, some of which poked their heads into the Oil House to see what was going on.

W1SYE was on the air about 7 hours both Saturday and Sunday, and several NCRC members popped by to see what was going on and to add their names to the logbook as guest operators.

The club used an Icom IC-9100 rig and 125 feet of LMR-400 coax to reach the insulated base vertical tower.  A SGC SG-239 remote tuner fed the base of the tower.  The majority of the contacts were on 20 meters, with a few on 15.  The size of the vertical, approximately 60 feet, probably reduced its effectiveness on 15 and 10.  Given the hours of operation, we were never able to try 40 and 80 meters.  (The park closes at sunset).

Beavertail Lighthouse Oil House and Tower

Beavertail Lighthouse Oil House and Tower

NCRC member Dave Brown, KC1AAA, was there and put together a very nice picture book of the event, which can be viewed here: NCRC at Beavertail Aug 2013

The Log of stations worked can be found here: W1SYE ILLW Log 2013


Operators: W1LY, K1SD, WB4SON, KM1P, K1JSM, WX2T, W1GRI, N1TBT, KB1ZZS

Best Handwriting Award: K1JSM (tie with K1SD)

Worst Handwriting Award: WB4SON

End of Day One: 122 Contacts, 8 Countries, 23 States, 7 Lighthouses

End of Day Two: 250 Contacts, 15 Countries, 30 States, 12 Lighthouses

For details on the ILLW event, please see

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