WFD 2018

Winter Field Day (WFD) runs from 14:00 hours Saturday Jan 27 through 14:00 hours Sunday Jan 28. 

Our WFD site is Portsmouth’s Glen Park. Glen Park is located on Gilbert Barker Lane, which is the 2nd right on Glen Road in Portsmouth. Glen Road runs east off East Main Road (Route 138). Glen Road is just north of Union Street and the State Police barracks on Rt. 138. 

We will be operating from two tents, one dedicated to HF SSB voice operation (the Fone Tent) and the other tent sharing HF CW and HF Digital operations. Both tents will be heated by electric heaters. 

Setup begins at 08:00 Saturday. Antennas will be erected, tents will be set up, shore power and generator power cords will be run. All help will be appreciated. No skills necessary. Please bring a hard hat and work gloves for setup. Safety is our highest priority during the entire WFD event. We will have a Safety Officer present at all times. 

Between noon and 14:00 Saturday we will be conducting equipment tests and operator training in the SSB (Fone) Station. This is a good time to visit the site even if you don’t plan on operating. 

We will have designated “Walk-In” hours in the Fone tent so that everyone can have a chance to operate. No experience necessary – we will have a friendly mentor on duty in the Fone tent during walk-in hours to assist folks. Please do not interrupt the operator in the Fone tent during the times designated as “solo” hours. Please see the attached schedule. The Digital operators in the CW/Digital tent will be happy to demonstrate these exciting modes to visitors. Please do not interrupt the CW operators in the CW/Digital tent. CW operation requires a lot of concentration and doesn’t allow the operators to entertain guests. Please see the attached schedule for the CW/Digital tent schedule. 

Demobilization (tear down) begins at 14:00 Sunday. Everything will be disassembled and packed, leaving the site as we found it. We should be clear of the site before 17:00 hours Sunday. Please bring a hard hat and work gloves for demobilization.