School Club Roundup – Helpers wanted.

This week,February 12-16, 2018, you can help youngsters all over the US by giving them a call on the radio during the School Club Roundup.  Information on the School Club Roundup can be found here:

NEW >>> NCRC members are providing radio training and stations at Pell School on Dexter St. in Newport on Monday(12) , Tuesday(13) and Wednesday(13).    If you can assist with logistics, be a mentor on the HF or 2m radios, or just want to observe the excitement of the students, please stop by between 3 and 5 on Tuesday or Wednesday. Bring ID and use the main entrance after parking across the street from the building.  Ask for Mike Cullen. Antenna setup starts around 2:30 each day.  Our  HTs will be listening to 146.55 (.55) simplex inside the building

We will likely be on 20 m at 14.250-14.280 if you want to talk to a student from your shack.  We will use our repeater on 2m and will try 40 m too.  See the story in the Feb Modulator for more local details. >>>>

All amateur bands except 60, 30, 17 and 12 meters are permitted.

Repeaters are not to be used. Only recognized simplex frequencies may be used. U. S. A. examples include 144.90-145.00; 146.49, .55, 58; and 147.42, .45, .48, .51, .54 and .57 MHz. The national calling frequency, 146.52 MHz, may not be used. Similar restrictions apply in other countries.

Suggested HF Frequencies:

Phone (MHz): 1.855-1.865; 3.850-3.880; 7.225-7.255; 14.250-14.280; 21.300-21.330; 28.440-28.460

CW (MHz): 1.800-1.810; 3.530-3.540; 7.030-7.040; 14.030-14,.040; 21.130-21.140; 28.130-28.140

Missed a Great Meeting!

If you weren’t at tonight’s NCRC meeting, you missed a great one.  We had 44 folks in attendance.  Part of the draw, besides typical comradery, was the introduction of NCRC Show & Tell.  Members setup four tables to demonstrate various hobby related things.  An certainly Mike K1VI’s presentation on digital modes (especially FT8) was a major reason.

Four Show & Tell tables on the left side of the room (that’s Mike K1VI in the lower left corner)

It was a full house with 44 folks at the meeting.

Meeting Monday Feb 12 @ 7 PM

We will have our regular monthly meeting this coming Monday, 7:00 PM February 12, at KVH.

Before the meeting, starting at 6:45, we will have one or more show & tell tables setup for members to view.  A table will focus on something of potential interest to members.  It might be a chance to see a new radio, or it might be technical in nature.  This will become a regular part of meetings going forward.

After the meeting, we are fortunately to have Mike Bragg, K1VI, travel to us from Pawtucket to give us a presentation on the new digital modes that have taken HF by storm; modes like FT-8 and JT-9 (see ). This is the same presentation that he gave during the January “Consortium” meeting.

The weather looks to be good for Monday, so hopefully we will have a good turnout.

New DXCC Entity – Z6, Kosovo

The ARRL DXCC Advisory Committee revised their rules and have therefore admitted a new entity to their DXCC list: Kosovo, who’s calls begin with “Z6”.

There has been a fairly large DXpedition in Kosovo, using the callsign Z60A for the past few weeks.  Some nice NCRC member (I won’t mention names, but his call sign is W1LY), has already worked Kosovo for the club (twice)!

This is a fairly easy country to work before sunset on 40 meters and the activity, though stiff, is starting to calm down a bit.  Give it a try!

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