Fox Hunt 2015


****NEWS FLASH*** Fox Hunt, 10 AM Sunday November 15th at Beavertail

NCRC is contemplating holding a Fox Hunt sometime in the fall of 2015.  Various club members have purchased small transmitters that send out synchronized messages.  While we will probably begin with a single hidden transmitter, if we deploy FIVE, then we can compete under IARU Region 2 ARDF rules.

Some links of interest to Fox Hunters can be found here:

Book:  Transmitter Hunting
Presentation: Basic Fox Hunting
Fox Hunting Equipment
A homebrew PVC Beam
A tape-measure Beam
20dB in-line 20 dB SMA Attenuator
30dB in-line 30 dB SMA Attenuator

Most active US Website (Homing In):
IARU Region 2 (US) ARDF site:
IARU Region 1 ARDF site:
Bob Miller Enterprises (US):
Note that Bob Miller is the US distributor of the VK3YNG DF Sniffer.  And if you happened to have an interest in satellite work, the slightly more expensive Arrow 146/437/10 would do great both for RDF and satellite work — just don’t install the 437 elements.

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