W1SYE Official Hen Island Activated RI032S

The Island Activation crew made it on the air at Hen Island today.  They were on the air shortly after 12:30 local time on the 40 meter band.  It was pouring rain, in the 50s as they setup.

As of 18:00 they were on 20 meters, 14.265 MHz.  At that point they have reached all the criteria for an official activation of RI032S.

Congrats to Pete W1LAB, John K1JSM, Evan K1GEA, Willy W1LY, Jim KA1ZOU, and Paul K1YBE.  They were QRT at 18:15 UTC.

Front to back: John K1JSM, Willy W1LY, Jim KA1ZOU, Evan K1GEA, Paul K1YBE — Operating in the rain

Antenna literally at the edge of the water (tide rising, antenna almost underwater @ 18:00Z)

John K1JSM (left), and Paul K1YBE under the tent out of the rain.

Thanks to Pete W1LAB for the photos — he’s usually on the other side of the lens.  However there was a sighting of the “Rare Pete” actually on Hen Island

Pete W1LAB standing, with Willy W1LY at the mic