Successful Activation of East Island – Now RI029S

Pete W1LAB, Jim KA1ZOU, John K1JSM, and Willy W1LY, had another island adventure on Saturday July 22.  They traveled with two RIB boats to East Island, which is a few thousand feet from Sakonnet Point.  They were on the air shortly after 10:30 AM, and were off the air right after 1 PM.  All operations were carried out on 20 meters. This time there were no RF issues and they made a large number of contacts, officially activating East Island as RI029S

Jim KA1ZOU logging, Willy W1LY at Mic, and John K1JSM supervising

A view from East Island back to the mainland to the North. A rare sighting of the stealthy Pete W1LAB can be seen near the middle-left.