Another Successful Activation – Naushon Island MA006S

If it’s not one thing (heavy rain, HF Contest), it’s another (solar storm, failing TX). Nevertheless, the Activation Crew of Jim KA1ZOU, Willy W1LY, Pete W1LAB, John K1JSM, and Paul K1YBE, had an exciting time activating one never before on the air island a day in the Elizabeth Island chain.

Today’s activation became official at about 15:10 UTC, meeting the US Island program rules, making Naushon Island MA006S.  Even thought Murphy was nipping at their heals, causing their radio to fail to transmit on 20-meters this morning, he was behind the curve just enough to allow them to make 30 contacts before the rig refused to transmit on 40-meters as well.  Whew!

The crew setup in Tarpaulin Cove to be leeward of the WSW winds.

Crew is on Naushon Island in Tarpaulin Cove (NE most red mark)

Unfortunately there was a Geomagnetic Storm going on today as well, making conditions very poor on both 20 and 40-meters.

Bad Propagation across all bands

Jim KA1ZOU at mic, John K1JSM logging, Willy W1LY and Paul K1YBE looking over the cove

Paul K1YBE, John K1JSM, Willy W1SYE (standing), Jim KA1ZOU