Successful Activation of Penikese Island

John K1JSM, Pete W1LAB, Willy W1LY, Paul K1YBE, and Jim KA1ZOU had a successful activation of Penikese Island (FN41mk) today, which officially became US Island MA060S at 11:06 AM local time.  The weather was dreadful, and most of their work was on 20 meters due to some issues on 40 meters, but a temporary antenna got them on the air on that band for their final 40 minutes.  They began operation at 10:25 AM and were off the air at 2:40 PM local time.

The crew sheltered under two tents on Penikese Island

Willy W1LY at the mike, with Paul K1YBE (left) and Jim KA1ZOU (right)

Another view of the operation with John K1JSM walking to his boat in the upper left. (That is the NE part of Penikese visible across the cove in the upper left of the photo)

They got hammered with at least two inches of rain in a few hours (parts of the Cape received 4″).