W1SYE Repeater Back on-air in Limited Capacity

The W1SYE repeater is back on the air in a reduced capacity experimental mode. It is in a temporary location and is using separate transmit and receive antennas (no duplexer.) The transmit power output is intentionally quite low (670 milliWatts) to avoid clobbering the repeater receiver with RF from the too closely spaced transmit antenna. The transmit antenna is higher than the receive antenna, which is opposite to the conventional way of running separate antennas for a repeater. But it works, and we will keep it on the air in this configuration until it can be returned to service in its regular location later this spring.

Please try out the Mini-Me W1SYE if you have a chance. Don’t expect normal performance, but you might be surprised at how well you can hear a very low power signal from a modest antenna. The receive antenna is quite low, so don’t be too disappointed if the repeater can’t hear you.

<Editor Comment:  The audio quality of this new repeater is unbelievably good and it is quite amazing how well 0.7 watts gets out as it is a full S9+ across the bay.>