Signup for July 19 Hands-on Radio Event

Our first Hands-on Radio Event will be Thursday July 19th from 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM at All Saints STEAM Academy,  915 W Main Rd, Middletown, RI 02842.  Our topic for this meeting will be VHF radios, antennas, and accessories.

Paul Wynn, AC1DW, will be our coordinator for the first event, and has asked that we list out a number of the items that we will be demonstrating:

  • Chuck N1CKT – a field portable VHF go-kit that is used by the Portsmouth Emergency Management Agency. Several of his VHF radios including iCom V-80, iCom ID-51A+ [D-star], iCom IC-M92D [maritime], and a Kenwood TM281A with a Samlex power supply, LiFePo batteries, and several antennas.
  • Mike AC1DV – a very small mobile vhf unit that he uses on his sail boat. It can be mounted with hook&loop (Velcro) to your dash. No Drilling holes in your dash required.
  • Willy W1LY – 12 or 13 element VHF yagi for display (and sale).
  • Ted W1GRI – another go-kit (personal rig not EmCom)
  • Bob WB4SON – Kenwood DM710GS (which is essentially a dual band mobile radio — one side tuned to APRS).  Will also bring DSTAR HT and TH-D72A (full duplex HT, which allows talking AND listening at the same time).
  • Mike K1NPT – demo of APRS for the event. (Automatic Packet Reporting System) It’s more than just GPS reporting.

We would appreciate it if you would register in advance so that we can have enough pizza and drink for those attending.  Please fill in the registration form here.

Paul N1PSX to reschedule & thanks to Richard Connor

Unfortunately Paul N1PSX (RI Section Emergency Manager) was injured today and spent his evening at the hospital getting patched up, so he was unable to join us at the meeting for his presentation on ARES here in RI.  We wish him a speedy recovery and look forward to hearing his presentation in August.

We were fortunate to be visited by Richard Connor, an expert on Dolphin “society” and behaviors.  Richard, who has spent decades researching Dolphin behavior in Shark Bay Australia, has recently published a book for lay people, and will be giving us a full presentation at the October meeting.  He was nice enough to give us a preview tonight.

Information on the “Decade of the Dolphin” can be found here.

Meeting Reminder July 9: 7 PM KVH

Just a reminder that our usual business meeting will begin at 7 PM at KVH Manufacturing (75 Enterprise DR, MIddletown, RI).  In addition to induction of new members, and a review of Field Day results (Excellent), Paul Silverzweig, N1PSX, the RI Section Emergency Manager, will be giving a presentation that will focus on how Amateur Radio works to benefit the community and served agencies.  Paul will be sharing some photographs from his recent activations.

Members are reminded to sign up for the upcoming Hands-on Radio Event on July 19th.  Details are can be found here