WARNING: No handheld radio use as of June 1st !!!!

RI Hams are warned that effective June 1, 2018, you may no longer use any handheld devices while driving your car.  That includes your 2-meter microphone, or handheld radio.

Sadly, the marketplace has not caught up with the need for hands free radio operation. There are some very expensive commercial Bluetooth interfaces available for a few radios.  Some newer ham gear includes Bluetooth interface options.  Those of you with BaoFeng type connectors can find a Bluetooth interface via eBay.  But often the Bluetooth interface does not deal with PTT — you aren’t supposed to be holding a pushbutton in your hand either.

A reminder that some radios do have VOX operation.  The BaoFeng includes a headset with lapel mic and can be configured for VOX operation.  Just watch those comments when drivers cut you off — don’t want that on air!

Congratulations to new NCRC Members!

Congratulations to the eight new NCRC members voted in during tonight’s membership:

  • John Mosher KC1JOL Bristol
  • Ava Smith KC1JQO Middletown (will be changing call)
  • Scott Zaminer KC1JRV Warwick RI
  • Chris Diorio K1TCP Wakefield RI (KHV)
  • Shella Lawless KC1JRT Bristol RI
  • Jodie Clougherty KC1JRS Coventry RI
  • Bernie Zetti KC1JRZ Coventry
  • Kevin Gilbody KC1JRY Providence RI

NCRC Membership now stands at 123.

Meeting Reminder: Monday May 14 7PM at KVH

Just a reminder that our regular club meeting will be this Monday May 14th at 7 PM at KVH.

We will be discussing plans for Field Day (June 22-24 in Glen Park, Portsmouth) as well as our usual business meeting.  Assuming the regular meeting ends quickly we will be showing a video “The Last Big Field Day” about a Maryland FD with 50 transmitters on the air (the ARRL changed their rules the year after which is why it was the last “big” field day).

Hope to see everyone there.

W1SYE Official Hen Island Activated RI032S

The Island Activation crew made it on the air at Hen Island today.  They were on the air shortly after 12:30 local time on the 40 meter band.  It was pouring rain, in the 50s as they setup.

As of 18:00 they were on 20 meters, 14.265 MHz.  At that point they have reached all the criteria for an official activation of RI032S.

Congrats to Pete W1LAB, John K1JSM, Evan K1GEA, Willy W1LY, Jim KA1ZOU, and Paul K1YBE.  They were QRT at 18:15 UTC.

Front to back: John K1JSM, Willy W1LY, Jim KA1ZOU, Evan K1GEA, Paul K1YBE — Operating in the rain

Antenna literally at the edge of the water (tide rising, antenna almost underwater @ 18:00Z)

John K1JSM (left), and Paul K1YBE under the tent out of the rain.

Thanks to Pete W1LAB for the photos — he’s usually on the other side of the lens.  However there was a sighting of the “Rare Pete” actually on Hen Island

Pete W1LAB standing, with Willy W1LY at the mic

NCRC Island Activators to be on Hen Island 5/12 @ noon

The Island Activators of NCRC will be qualifying our first new island of this year, Hen Island, under the US Islands Awards Program tomorrowSaturday May 12th.  We expect to be on the air around 12:00 PM through 4:00 PM local time.

The Island Activator team is well experienced, this being our 18th island activation.  Hen Island is an island within an island and lies in a cove inside the north end of Aquidneck Island.  In keeping with the NCRC emphasis on providing members with new experiences, first timers are welcome to come along.  There will be control operators/coaches to help you get your feet wet in a low stress operating environment.  Unfortunately the current wx forecast is terrible, but may improve.  Never the less, be prepared for rain with appropriate rain gear and warm layers.  The station will be under festival tents, so it won’t be that bad in a worst case scenario.   Bring your lunch and anything else that you might need on Hen.  The run from your pickup point is short and in protected waters, so there will not be rough water for the 15-minute voyage.  Contact john Mills (401-258-8604) to arrange a pickup around noon.  We expect to be returning between 4:00 PM and 5:00 PM.

Operators enjoying the easy life at home are encouraged to work the Activator station on 40, then 20, meters.  You’ll find us near 7.265 MHz and 14.265 MHz.

For more information about the US Islands program see http://usislands.org/  If you go to the Island Directory/Island Directory by State tab and click on Rhode Island in the US map, you’ll see that W1SYE (Our club call) is the major player in Rhode Island.  If you’re listening, you may hear club member Jim KA3UNQ, who now lives in Maryland.  He put many of the first Rhode Island Activations on the State page.