NCRC Members Support Portsmouth MEDS-POD Exercise

Several members of NCRC supported a Medical Emergency Distribution System – Points of Dispensing (MEDS-POD) exercise for the town of Portsmouth on April 19th.  Members involved were Chuck N1CKT, Brian N1TBT, Paul N1PSX, and John WA1ABI.

The purpose of the exercise is to train volunteers that would be utilized if there were a medical emergency requiring the rapid distribution of medications like vaccinations quickly to a large population (10,000 residents in the Portsmouth case).  The NCRC members were there to cover the communications required to coordinate such a large event.

Copies of the Newport Daily News covering the exercise are included below



Why not learn Morse Code today?

Over the next few months, Jim KA1ZOU, will be encouraging us to learn Morse Code (Including producing a special edition of the Modulator devoted to the subject). Below is an example of a text to CW generator that is sending characters at 20 WPM, but with more space between characters to reduce the average speed to 5 WPM. This is an example of the Koch (learn the character at the desired speed), and Farnsworth Method (send characters at full speed but with greater spacing at the beginning).

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