Winter Field Day – Great Success!

Winter Field Day 2017 has come and gone.  Members of the Portsmouth Emergency Management Agency and NCRC fielded two stations in Glen Park; a phone station that was on 24 hours, and a CW/Digital station that was on as activity permitted.  Thanks to the large number of folks that showed up to help with set-up/take-down.

Although far less ambitious in terms of the antennas and number of stations than Field Day in June (it IS winter, after all), last year was the first effort, and the team turned in 15,624 points to take 2nd place nationally, for a multi-operator station outdoors.  Early indications are that this year’s score will be substantially higher!

Besides the obvious benefit that such events have for emergency communication training (emergencies don’t just happen in the summer), it provides good publicity for our club.  In fact we have a new member applicant as a result!

Lots of folks were involved.  A partial list is:  Paul N1PSX, Pete W1LAB, Willy W1LY, Dave KC1GPA, Dave W2DAN, John WA1ABI, Mike AA1XQ, Howie K1TZQ, Dave W1DEC, Paul K1YBE, Paul, KC1DJO, Chuck N1CKT, Steve KC1AQQ, James K1SD, Rob KB1ZZU, Bob WB4SON

Mast for CW/Digital Station antenna raised by Willy W1LY, Paul N1PSX, Mike AA1XQ,  and Dave KC1GPA (left to right)

CW/Digital Antenna is a 135 foot dipole fed with ladder line, 25 feet in the air.

Howie K1TZQ, at the key of the CW tent

The Satellite Station operated from WB4SON’s truck. IC9100 with a Toughbook running SatPC32

The Satellite Antenna was a crossed 2m/70cm beam held by a photo tripod and set to the Az/El of mid-pass

New FM Satellite, BY70-1 is Operational

A new FM Transponder Satellite, BY70-1, is now operational.  This is MUCH easier to work than AO-85, and a bit stronger than SO-50.

Details are:

Uplink: 145.920 MHz  With 67.0 Hz Tone

Downlink: 436.200 MHz

Better work this one quick — its orbit will decay in just a couple of months!


W1AAD Repeater Off Air for Repairs

The computer used for the gateway function of our DSTAR repeater, W1AAD, has been failing for the past few months.  We have decided to take the repeater off the air until we can come up with a reliable alternative that can be managed remotely (access to the site is very restricted).

There is no definite timeframe, but several weeks is is the minimum.


W1AAD DSTAR Repeater PC Failing Frequently

The PC controlling the DSTAR machine has become increasingly unreliable in the past few months, after working solidly for years.  Tools installed to allow a remote restart are no longer restoring the PC to operation, requiring more frequent site visits to get things going again.  In addition, the PC is so old that it is not capable of supporting the latest version of the operating system and Gateway software.

For the foreseeable future, it is more likely than not that W1AAD will fail to connect to the internet gateway system.  We suggest using W1HDN in West Warwick (147.045 MHz, + 600 KHz), or using a local internet device like a DVAP, DV3K or DVmega.  Both the DVAP and DVmega work with your DSTAR HT to provide a local RF access point (think of it as a personal low power repeater).  The DV3K is a computer device, using your microphone and speaker to connect to to repeaters or reflectors.

Pixie Project is Live

NCRC is embarking on a “Build Night” project that will span our Feb-Apr meetings.  We will be assembling a QRP 40 Meter CW Transceiver.  Interested parties who can attend the next few meetings are encouraged to visit our Pixie Page, by clicking on Pixie on our menu tabs.  You will find details of the project and can even order one or more Pixie boards (which will be delivered to you at one of our upcoming meetings.