All Saints Academy Selected to move on for ARISS Contact

All Saints Academy was one of fourteen schools and organizations that submitted proposals to host an Amateur Radio contact with the International Space Station (ARISS). They are moving into the final stage of the selection process. Schools or organizations ultimately selected will host a scheduled Amateur Radio contact with an ISS crew member during the first half of 2016.

Congratulations to Mike Cullen for writing a successful proposal, to Rob White for all his efforts with Mike in growing young ASA hams, and to KVH Industries, Newport County Radio Club, RIDOE, FabNewport, and ATC Tech for being event sponsors.

See the official ARRL announcement here:

NCRC Road Trip for June Meeting!

The June meeting of NCRC will be held at the Museum of Wireless and Steam, on Monday June 8 at 7 PM.  Carpooling is encouraged and folks interested in driving together should meet at the KVH parking lot by 6 PM for the 45 minute trip across the bridge.

There is a $10 entry fee (museum entry is usually $15) and a regular business meeting will be held at the Museum meeting hall, when Bob Marian will start things off.

There will be someone at the Frenchtown RD gate to collect the $10 fee.

Details of this even can be found here:

A Successful J-Pole Fabrication Night

A dozen or more brave souls assembled dual-band J-poles tonight at KVH.  The process involved fabricating a coax assembly with SMA connector and current balun, as well as an antenna assembly made from 300 ohm twin-lead cut to the appropriate dimensions.  The two assemblies were then soldered together and finished off with some heat-shrink tubing for protection.  Testing after the assembly process indicated a 1.5:1 or lower SWR.

The club wishes to thank Willy W1LY, and Jim KA1ZOU for working diligently to establish the correct dimensions, instructions, and assembly tools, as well as Bob WB4SON for obtaining the parts and kitting them plus installing the SMA connectors.  Several other hams, Jim KC1SD, John WA1ABI, Pete W1LAB, and others were there to help guide the builders in their process.  Finally, the club wishes to thank our host, KVH, which set up multiple assembly benches with solder stations and hand tools for the project.


RJ, Brian, Walt and nine others work on their antennas


Early in the assembly process – Kathryn, Chuck, and Dirmid forging ahead with Willy and Jim observing.



Kathryn tests her antenna with Jim at the controls.  Pete observes, while Jim Kyle talks to the human test fixture (Willy)

IMG_20150511_211545 (1)

Willy becomes human antenna tower while the J-Pole is tested