Next ECTTC Class Starts March 3

John King, WA1ABI, has announced the next Emergency Communications Technician Training Course (ECCTC) will begin at 7 PM on Tuesday March 3rd.  This class will be held on seven consecutive Tuesdays at the Portsmouth EOC.  The course is open to all licensed Amateur radio operators. Preference is given to residents of Newport County, but enrollment is open to all Amateur operators on a space available basis.

This training course equips the student with the knowledge and skills needed to serve as an Emergency Communicator in an Emergency Operations Center, a Red Cross evacuation shelter, or a Medical Emergency Distribution System Point of Dispensing. These skills are applicable to operations in many other public safety emergency communications venues. No prior knowledge of public safety or emergency communications is assumed or required. See the course syllabus for information on the subject areas covered in this course.

More details can be found in this document

Willy Scores a EP6T QSO

On the first DXpedition to Iran in several decades, EP6T went on the air January 17th and will be on for three more days (ending Jan 26).  It was immediately met by total bedlam.  While the pileups were better maintained that the Tromelin DXpedition, the amount of intentional QRM had to be heard to be believed.  As of today, they have managed to work about 45,000 stations, and fewer than 5,000 of them have been with the US.

Willy, W1LY, was one of those lucky few US hams to make it through the mess and get a confirmed contact on 40 Meter SSB.

Congratulations Willy!

Edited to add that since the above post the following NCRC members have also worked EP6T:  Jim, K1SD, and Bob, WB4SON

(According to the ARRL, with a population of 80 million, only 13 hams are licensed in Iran.)

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Allison Phillips Gives Presentation on Prototyping

Allison Phillips, a professional engineer, gave a walk through of the design, simulation, and production of simple circuits using free tools, during last nights NCRC meeting.

Allison Phillips talk 12jan15 1

Allison Phillips Presenting to NCRC Members

Allison used LT-Spice, a free circuit simulation tool, available from Linear Technology at:

For her PCB Prototypes, she used another free tool that is well integrated with the DigiKey parts catalog, called ExpressPCB.  This CAD software is used to capture a schematic and layout a PCB which is then produced in a few days by ExpressPCB (a set of 3 identical small boards costs $51, for example)

Allison Phillips talk 12jan15 3

Allison reviews Googled oscillator designs

Coincidentally, the February 2015 QST had an article on rapid prototyping:  “Make Homebrewed Look Factory Built”.  That article also described using ExpressPCB, as well as other companies to produce metal enclosures and attractive front-panels. (Reprinted with permission, February 2015 QST; copyright ARRL)

(Thanks to Dave Brown, KC1AAA, for the photographs)