Field Day Update

It was a busy day today as the Six Meter station with Moxon antenna, GOTA station with 80 meter OCFD, and the four 45′ towers that are supports for two Moxons for 40 Meters, two tri-band beams, and a pair of 80 meter antennas.  The 6 Meter station was tried out on air, but there didn’t seem to be any openings.  The GOTA station seems to be working quite well into the SW, where the bulk of the Field Day activity will be.  GOTA operators were able to work any station they heard with just 10 watts of output power.

Click here to see  a brief (1 min) video showing the basic layout

Folks visiting tomorrow are reminded to bring their own chairs for the picnic or just relaxing outside.

Field Day Updates

Field Day setup begins at 9 AM on Friday June 27, then on-the-air action starts at 2 PM on Saturday and finishes at 2 PM on Sunday.

The Field Day Page has been substantially updated with Operating Schedules and lots of supporting information.

Feel free to lend a hand during setup or take-down (hard hat and work gloves are a must), or stop in and see us while we are operating.

FCC Allows Credit for Expired General and Extra Class Licenses

The FCC has revised Amateur Service Part 97 rules to grant credit for written examination elements 3 (General) and 4 (Amateur Extra) to holders of “expired licenses that required passage of those elements.”.  The FCC will require former licensees – those falling outside the 2-year grace period – to pass Element 2 (Technician) in order to be relicensed.