Meeting Monday Feb 12 @ 7 PM

We will have our regular monthly meeting this coming Monday, 7:00 PM February 12, at KVH.

Before the meeting, starting at 6:45, we will have one or more show & tell tables setup for members to view.  A table will focus on something of potential interest to members.  It might be a chance to see a new radio, or it might be technical in nature.  This will become a regular part of meetings going forward.

After the meeting, we are fortunately to have Mike Bragg, K1VI, travel to us from Pawtucket to give us a presentation on the new digital modes that have taken HF by storm; modes like FT-8 and JT-9 (see ). This is the same presentation that he gave during the January “Consortium” meeting.

The weather looks to be good for Monday, so hopefully we will have a good turnout.

Need Volunteers for Winter Field Day

We are in need for a lead for the Phone Tent, as well as operators willing to remain at the location overnight (so the gear can remain).  In addition we would like to accommodate anyone who would like to try their hand at operating on HF.  Please contact John King WA1ABI (wa1abi at

Meeting Monday Jan 8 at 7 PM

Happy New Year!

Our first meeting of 2018 will be this coming Monday at KVH (75 Enterprise DR, Middletown RI) at 7 PM

We have 19 new member applicants and upcoming Winter Field Day to discuss, in addition to regular business items. Our program after the meeting will be a showing of the NOVA film “Secrets of the Sun” (about 50 minutes long).

Hope to see everyone there.

Hams in RI Reminded – no Handheld Devices While Driving Starting June 1

Beginning June 1, 2018, drivers in Rhode Island are forbidden to use ANY handheld device while driving.  This currently includes handheld radios and even microphones typically used by RI hams.  It is a $100 fine for violating this new law, although first time offenders who can prove they have ordered a hands-free device after their offense but prior to paying the fine, may have the fine suspended.

Many states exempt the use of hand-held microphones by hams, but this exemption did not make it into the RI law.


New Member Applicants

Please keep your ears open as we have 19 new hams that have filled in applications for membership.  They all have UV5R HTs, have been trained on operating procedures, and many have been heard on W1SYE.  After joining the club, our membership will stand at 110.

Steve N3VHI
Matthew KC1IPD
Heather N1NJK
Denise K1WIN
Allan KC1IPK
Ashley KC1ITC
Hayden KC1IPM
George KC1IPN
Steve KC1IPO
Robert KC1IPQ
Charlie KC1IPR