NCRC Earns DXCC !!!

With the arrival of our 100th contact confirmation, from a CW contact with FY5KE (French Guiana), W1SYE has earned our first DXCC.

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 12.50.57 PM

As you can probably guess, DXCC is fairly easy to obtain, after all Willy, W1LY, and Bob, WB4SON, started working on it 72 days ago.  But this is the easiest aspect of DXCC — Mixed (any mode on any band).  Stations can apply for different modes (CW, Voice, Digital, Satellite), and different bands.  There are additional awards for completing DXCC on 5-bands (80/40/20/15/10), as well as 1,000 or more confirmed contacts with different countries on different bands.  The ultimate award is obtaining the DXCC Honor Roll, which requires confirmations from 331 or more DX entities.

Bottom line, the club can continue to work on DXCC for many years to come.  For those that might be interested, a breakdown of the contacts by mode and band is shown below:

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 1.33.15 PM

Congratulations to W1SYE for earning DXCC after 71 years!

Work an ATNO before it’s too late!

Club members have been very busy working DX on behalf of W1SYE.  As of today, we have 93 confirmed countries.  Seven more to go before NCRC is awarded its first DXCC Certificate!


There are a total of 339 DX entities that hams can work, so even when we get to 100, there are lots more to go.  For a list of all the countries, including the ones we have already worked, please go check out this list.

By the way, ATNO, is a DX term that means “All Time New One”; a DX entity that you have never worked before on any band.

W1SYE Works VK0EK on Heard Island

NCRC adds another one to the DXCC count by working VK0EK on Heard Island.  One of the most difficult places on the planet to reach, Heard Island ranks as the #5 “most wanted” DX contact.  The contact was made on 30-meter CW, where the VK0EK signal was 3 S-units above the noise floor around 11 PM local time.

A real-time “DX Atlas” provides almost immediate confirmation of the contact.  See the bearing from Heard Island of almost 235 degrees heading toward W1SYE.



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