New DXCC Entity – Z6, Kosovo

The ARRL DXCC Advisory Committee revised their rules and have therefore admitted a new entity to their DXCC list: Kosovo, who’s calls begin with “Z6”.

There has been a fairly large DXpedition in Kosovo, using the callsign Z60A for the past few weeks.  Some nice NCRC member (I won’t mention names, but his call sign is W1LY), has already worked Kosovo for the club (twice)!

This is a fairly easy country to work before sunset on 40 meters and the activity, though stiff, is starting to calm down a bit.  Give it a try!

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Successful JOTA Oct 20-22

Many club members participated in JOTA this weekend at Glen Park.  Rob KB1ZZU will have many details at our next meeting (along with some excellent photos from Dave KC1AAA), but in round numbers approximately 20 scouts participated with a large number obtaining their Radio Merit Badge.  Two VHF (analog and DSTAR) stations were fielded along with two HF stations.  The DSTAR Reflector was much better organized this year and allowed scouts to have arm chair conversations with other scouts world-wide.  HF propagation was pretty good with 17 meters open to Europe and Africa the entire time.  Dulcet CW Tones were even heard emanating from Rich KC1ARO’s station!

Special hats-off to Jim KA1ZOU and his team of instructors — there were many excellent comments about the revised teaching plan this year.

NCRC Earns DXCC !!!

With the arrival of our 100th contact confirmation, from a CW contact with FY5KE (French Guiana), W1SYE has earned our first DXCC.

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 12.50.57 PM

As you can probably guess, DXCC is fairly easy to obtain, after all Willy, W1LY, and Bob, WB4SON, started working on it 72 days ago.  But this is the easiest aspect of DXCC — Mixed (any mode on any band).  Stations can apply for different modes (CW, Voice, Digital, Satellite), and different bands.  There are additional awards for completing DXCC on 5-bands (80/40/20/15/10), as well as 1,000 or more confirmed contacts with different countries on different bands.  The ultimate award is obtaining the DXCC Honor Roll, which requires confirmations from 331 or more DX entities.

Bottom line, the club can continue to work on DXCC for many years to come.  For those that might be interested, a breakdown of the contacts by mode and band is shown below:

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 1.33.15 PM

Congratulations to W1SYE for earning DXCC after 71 years!