Continued Work on 3.900 Wed Net

NCRC members and some other fine folks from far away joined us between 19:30 and 20:30 Local time on 3.9 MHz. This is the second week we’ve tried this and various folks from the East and West Bay checked in. Just like last week, signals that were S5 to S7 at 19:30 dropped entirely into the mud by 20:00, so the consensus was to move the net to 19:30 hours.

John, WA1ABI, shared a link to a real-time F2 Layer map, which showed that the F2 frequency dropped from about 5 MHz at 19:30 to 4 MHz at 20:00. So the assumption would be that everyone except Willy is mostly relying on NVIS signal propagation.

Folks that joined the net were:

KC1SD – Jim (NH)
W1LY – Willy (RI)
W1DEC – Dave (RI)
WA1ABI – John (RI)
W1LAB – Pete (RI)
N1PSX – Paul (RI)
NJ3K – Bruce (PA)
WD8ORB – Seth (OH)
N7SKI – John (MT)

80-meter SSB Net Wed 20:00L 3900 KHz +/-

Several members of NCRC have expressed interest in establishing an 80-meter SSB net.  David Cain, W1DEC, did some scouting for us and observed that 3900 KHz is usually clear around 20:00L, and that was the case on Wed Nov 23, when we had our first get together.  Members who participated were:

  • W1DEC, Dave, in Jamestown
  • W1LY, Willy, in Jamestown
  • WB4SON, Bob, in North Kingstown
  • KA1ZOU, Jim, in North Kingstown
  • KC1SD, Jim, portable in New Hampshire
  • W1LAB, Pete, in North Kingstown
  • KD4MCB, Barry, in Syracuse NY
  • KC3BOM, Joe, in Pittsburgh PA
  • NO5G, Philip, Minden LA
  • KI4ODO, Marvin, Louisburg NC
  • KA4IZN, Jim, New Bern, NC
  • KC4SC, John, Portable in NC

Willy’s signal seemed to hold up the best, with a mostly vertical oriented antenna and a solid KW of output power.  It was interesting to hear other stations and their relative strength compared to some of our own local stations — HF propagation is always fun!


Jim Kyle is hearing signals about 40 dB lower than the same time last night, which might support the thought that skywave propagation is not the same as last night.

It’s a Wrap (JOTA)

NCRC just completed its fourth JOTA at Glen Park, and it was a complete success.  In the end, scouts from five troops participated.  Sixteen scouts completed their Radio Merit Badge, and 3 more have a few things to finish up. Although dipping down to just above freezing Saturday morning, the weather was fantastic; blue skies the entire weekend.

When the radio gear was setup, the RF conditions were horrible, the earth having jusy been pummeled by a Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) the day before.  But by Saturday when the real RF fun began, things has quietened down, with lots of European DX to be had, as well as many stateside contacts. The scouts had plenty to choose from with two HF and two VHF stations in use.

A real surprise for the event was how busy DSTAR was with scouts from all over the world linked into Reflector 33A.  Thanks to Ted W1GRI for setting up a DSTAR radio for JOTA!

Bob WB4SON with Charlie at the Mic

Bob WB4SON with Charlie at the Mic


NCRC All Set for JOTA

Members of Newport County Radio Club were back at Glen Park in Portsmouth today getting stations ready for the Jamboree on the Air which begins later tonight and runs through noon on Sunday.  This is the fourth JOTA that NCRC has held.

Boy Scouts from four troops in RI are coming to the Glen to earn their Radio Merit Badge, which includes on-air contacts on 2 HF stations, as well as a VHF FM & DSTAR station.  Thirty scouts are expected to take the merit badge class.


Club members Rob KB1ZZU, Willy W1LY, Paul N1PSX, Chuck N1CKT, Rich KC1ARO, Bob WB4SON, Mike AA1XQ, Pete W1LAB, Paul KC1AQP, and Dave KC1AAA helped get gear setup on Friday.

Fox Hunt Finishes at Beavertail

The NCRC Open Fox Hunt has finished at Beavertail.  A total of FIVE hidden transmitters were placed throughout the park.  Multiple teams of hunters braved brambles and cool sea breezes to find the Foxes.  From setup to takedown, the event took about 4 hours.

Congratulations to Paul, N1PSX, and Steve, KC1AQQ, who finished with the best score.

Many thanks to Jim, KA1ZOU, for organizing the event and to all those who participated.


Evil Jim, KA1ZOU, rides off to place the hidden foxes (music from Wizard of Oz playing)


Fox Control — Coordinating the activities


Two Pauls: Paul N1PSX on the left, and Paul K1YBE During setup

Fredette Brothers Paul and Dave using a HandiFinder to hunt

The Fredettes, Paul and Dave, using a HandiFinder to hunt