Technician Class: October 5, 5:30 PM, St Lucy’s Church Middletown RI

Newport County Radio Club ( is sponsoring an Amateur Radio Technician Class at St Lucy’s Church in Middletown RI starting October 5th. Discover the fun of being able to communicate with fellow Amateur Radio Operators (Hams) in your local community or worldwide without depending on fragile infrastructure like cell phones or internet. Add Amateur Radio capabilities to enhance other hobbies like hiking or boating, and be able to communicate in times of emergency.

For more details and to register, please click here

Successful Activation of East Island – Now RI029S

Pete W1LAB, Jim KA1ZOU, John K1JSM, and Willy W1LY, had another island adventure on Saturday July 22.  They traveled with two RIB boats to East Island, which is a few thousand feet from Sakonnet Point.  They were on the air shortly after 10:30 AM, and were off the air right after 1 PM.  All operations were carried out on 20 meters. This time there were no RF issues and they made a large number of contacts, officially activating East Island as RI029S

Jim KA1ZOU logging, Willy W1LY at Mic, and John K1JSM supervising

A view from East Island back to the mainland to the North. A rare sighting of the stealthy Pete W1LAB can be seen near the middle-left.

East Island Activation

***Saturday July 22 Update – Now QRT ***

The team has taken down the station and are heading back home after another successful activation done entirely on 20 meters.  East Island is now officially RI029S.

The NCRC Activation Crew is anticipating an activation of East Island, which is located off of Sakonnet Point this Saturday July 22.  They should be on the air around 10:30 AM and will start on 20 meters (14.260 +/-), and shift to 40 meters (7.230 +/-) around lunch time.

This will be a new US Islands activation, since it hasn’t been activated before it is listed as RI029, but hopefully will become RI029S with a successful activation as W1SYE this Saturday.