Deadline for Field Day Dinner Reservation June 19!

Every year our food crew (Ed W1NQH and Brian N1TBT) are nice enough to feed all the hungry souls that help setup and operate our stations, as well as a full club dinner on Saturday night at 6 PM.  The food is wonderful, and we can pay it forward by letting Ed know who and how many will attend the dinner.

The easiest way is to fill in the information on this webpage and click on the SUBMIT button, or if that doesn’t work for you, please email Ed at:  If you aren’t planning on being there, please enter a zero 0 in the dinner count field.

NEW — Sign up for Hands-on Radio Event July 19

After substantial feedback from our membership survey, NCRC is embarking on an additional monthly meeting with a goal of providing members, new and old, a hands-on radio experience.  Topics will vary from month to month, but Elmers will be there to help, and there will usually be some on-air aspect of the evening.

Our first Hands-on Radio Event will be Thursday July 19th from 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM at All Saints STEAM Academy,  915 W Main Rd, Middletown, RI 02842.  Our topic for this meeting will be VHF radios, antennas, and accessories.

Paul Wynn, AC1DW, will be our coordinator for the first event

We have added a new “tab” to the website, called “Hands-on Radio” where you can find details about our upcoming Hands-on Radio Events and registration information.

Select the “Hands-on Radio” Tab for more information and to register

Meeting Reminder: Monday June 11, 7 PM at KVH

Don’t forget:  Our regular NCRC meeting will be held on Monday June 11 at KVH, starting at 7 PM. This will be our meeting to discuss final Field Day preparations, as well as vote on some pending member applications.

After the meeting, Chuck Johnson from Dayton Ohio will join us via SKYPE to discuss the history of John Kettering (founder of DELCO)

Don’t forget to let us know if you are coming to Field Day Dinner on June 23 by filling in the RSVP form (putting zero if you aren’t coming) here:

WARNING: No handheld radio use as of June 1st !!!!

RI Hams are warned that effective June 1, 2018, you may no longer use any handheld devices while driving your car.  That includes your 2-meter microphone, or handheld radio.

Sadly, the marketplace has not caught up with the need for hands free radio operation. There are some very expensive commercial Bluetooth interfaces available for a few radios.  Some newer ham gear includes Bluetooth interface options.  Those of you with BaoFeng type connectors can find a Bluetooth interface via eBay.  But often the Bluetooth interface does not deal with PTT — you aren’t supposed to be holding a pushbutton in your hand either.

A reminder that some radios do have VOX operation.  The BaoFeng includes a headset with lapel mic and can be configured for VOX operation.  Just watch those comments when drivers cut you off — don’t want that on air!

Congratulations to new NCRC Members!

Congratulations to the eight new NCRC members voted in during tonight’s membership:

  • John Mosher KC1JOL Bristol
  • Ava Smith KC1JQO Middletown (will be changing call)
  • Scott Zaminer KC1JRV Warwick RI
  • Chris Diorio K1TCP Wakefield RI (KHV)
  • Shella Lawless KC1JRT Bristol RI
  • Jodie Clougherty KC1JRS Coventry RI
  • Bernie Zetti KC1JRZ Coventry
  • Kevin Gilbody KC1JRY Providence RI

NCRC Membership now stands at 123.