Our thanks to Paul N1PSX for getting W1SYE back on air!

Many of you know that our W1SYE repeater went off the air during the storms of last Friday Aug 10th.  Various remote attempts to restore operation were not successful.

Paul N1PSX (who, when not working for Amazon, or RI ARES, is one of the gurus behind the KA1RCI/NB1RI network), volunteered to go to the site to see what the problem was.  He reports that a simple power cycle did not do the trick, but removing several of the plug in cards, spraying DeOxit on the contacts, and reseating them, did.

Our thanks to Paul for getting things working again!


Next Technician Class Starts Tuesday September 18

Our next Technician Class will be held on Tuesdays from 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM starting on September 18, 2018, at St. Lucy’s Church, 909 West Main RD, Middletown RI.  The exam will be held on Tuesday November 13.  (Because of holidays and Election Day there will be no class on October 9 and November 6.)

The class is free, but there is a $10 charge for the study guide and a $15 charge for the exam.

Interested parties are asked to sign up for the class by clicking THIS LINK

Meeting TUESDAY Aug 14 at 7 PM

Our next NCRC meeting will be held on Tuesday August 14 (Note TUESDAY due to Monday holiday) at KVH.

In addition to a short business meeting, Jim KA1ZOU will give a presentation on the recent Cuttyhunk Island activations, and a Kundt’s Tube demonstration will be given.  (A Kundt’s Tube is a demonstration device that allows one to see the relationship between wavelength and frequency of a waveform, as well as standing waves).

Island Activation Crew Ready for Tomorrow

Congratulations to the activation team for three successful new island activations and a brief lighthouse activation.

The NCRC Island Activation is in the Elizabeth Islands again for the next three days and have plans of activating multiple islands for the first time.  Note all islands in that area are part of the NA046 IOTA Group.

Likely targets are Bull, Slates, Gosnold, Lighthouse USA215, and Weepecket (Marked in RED if activation is currently underway).

They should be spotted on the networks as W1SYE.  Usual operating time is around 11 AM Eastern (1500Z), and usual frequencies are 7.260 and 14.260 +/- QRM.

Island Activation Team – Front row left to right: Jim KA1ZOU, Mike AC1DV, Willy W1LY, Paul K1YBE. Back row: Pete W1LAB, Marshall, John K1JSM, Rosemary and Grant


Weepecket Island (July 25 Activation)

UPDATE July 25 1614Z – The activation is official so it is now Weepecket MA061S

UPDATE July 25 1520Z – The crew is on the air  14.257.  Will move to 40 later in the morning (7.261).  Conditions are MUCH better today and they are working a large pileup.

UPDATE July 25 1500Z.  The crew is on the island (MA061).  Expects to be on air by 1520Z.  14.260 and 265 are occupied — guessing 14.257.

Weepecket Island off the coast of Naushon


Gosnold Island (July 24 Activation)

Update July 24 1700Z.  The activation of the Lighthouse has gone QRT.

Good news is the team has officially activated Gosnold Island MA-059S, which allowed them to switch over to the Old Cuttyhunk Lighthouse early.  Many thanks!

Update: July 24 1600Z:  Still on 7.260 seeking enough contacts to qualify Gosnold.  They do plan to change locations to the Old Cuttyhunk Lighthouse ARLHS USA-215 at 1800Z.

Update: July 24 1550Z:  Shifted to 7.261 (20 meters was quite long skip)

UPDATE: July 24 1510Z- The team is on Gosnold.  Will likely begin at 14.257 (a tad lower to avoid QRM).  Expect on air by 15:30Z

UPDATE: July 24 1430Z – The activation team is waiting for transportation to Gosnold island (MA059/NA-046).  Should be on the air starting with 14.260 in the next hour or so.  The crew is still considering a second activation later today for the Old Cuttyhunk Lighthouse ARLHS USA-215.

Crew on Gosnold Island MA-059. Long rough trip to get to the island.

Waiting for the raft to take them over to Gosnold


SLATES ISLAND (July 23 Activation)

UPDATE: July 23 1625Z – Station now OFF AIR.  Check back on Tuesday July 24 for a new island starting around 1500Z.

UPDATE: July 23 1615Z – Station now on 7.260 MHz

UPDATE: July 23 1600Z – Slates Island activation is officially MA058S and IOTA NA046 now.  Congrats on another activation.

At table (L to R): Jim KA1ZOU, John K1JSM, Willy W1LY. Behind table: Mike AC1DV, Paul K1YBE. Photo by Pete W1LAB

UPDATE: July 23 1500Z – They gang is on Slates Island MA058 and IOTA NA046.  40 may be a bust due to high local noise.  They are currently on 14.260

UPDATE: July 21.  First Island planned is Slates (MA058) and IOTA NA046 on July 23, starting about 14:00 UTC near 7.260

Slates Island

Check back often for updates.


Signup for July 19 Hands-on Radio Event

Our first Hands-on Radio Event will be Thursday July 19th from 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM at All Saints STEAM Academy,  915 W Main Rd, Middletown, RI 02842.  Our topic for this meeting will be VHF radios, antennas, and accessories.

Paul Wynn, AC1DW, will be our coordinator for the first event, and has asked that we list out a number of the items that we will be demonstrating:

  • Chuck N1CKT – a field portable VHF go-kit that is used by the Portsmouth Emergency Management Agency. Several of his VHF radios including iCom V-80, iCom ID-51A+ [D-star], iCom IC-M92D [maritime], and a Kenwood TM281A with a Samlex power supply, LiFePo batteries, and several antennas.
  • Mike AC1DV – a very small mobile vhf unit that he uses on his sail boat. It can be mounted with hook&loop (Velcro) to your dash. No Drilling holes in your dash required.
  • Willy W1LY – 12 or 13 element VHF yagi for display (and sale).
  • Ted W1GRI – another go-kit (personal rig not EmCom)
  • Bob WB4SON – Kenwood DM710GS (which is essentially a dual band mobile radio — one side tuned to APRS).  Will also bring DSTAR HT and TH-D72A (full duplex HT, which allows talking AND listening at the same time).
  • Mike K1NPT – demo of APRS for the event. (Automatic Packet Reporting System) It’s more than just GPS reporting.

We would appreciate it if you would register in advance so that we can have enough pizza and drink for those attending.  Please fill in the registration form here.